Trouble On a Rainy Day

THE SETTING is a kitchen and living room seperated by a wall with a doorway. Through the window over the kitchen sink rain and the occasional flash of lightning… More

Learning to Swim

Gary Shively 103443 Powhatan Correctional Center, D7 State Farm, VA 23160 I am sinking. Just like a stone, I am sinking. Coils from the black icy depths pulling me under. My scream is… More


Towers with Howitzers Walls that touch the sky Razor sharp fencing wired for sensing Doubt them and die Loudspeakers cameras that zoom Microphones in every room X-ray machines… More

Old Letter

On your plain white envelope a handwritten address hints at the personal inside. Long time companion through many transfers and years, you have been worked soft and your stamp… More

The Complicated Truth

Rudy was the typical, self-centered inconsiderate teenager who always took more from the family’s pot than he ever placed into it. But his family’s love for him remained unconditional. … More

The Season

The lawn’s a frigid jigsaw puzzle     of frozen brown grass Shut in for winter     I sip your best scotch Your car is listed for sale     in the auto shopper There’s no tree… More


Like Sadam I too Have a weapon of mass Destruction Housed in a bunker Of Bone Hidden in a far-off place So remote Even Jesus can not find it. Camouflaged by a smile and Guarded by demons It sits… More

Prison and Poetry

I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind saying they enjoy being incarcerated. Prison, especially state prison, is a horrible place. It is not so much being told what,… More