Paul Swehla

Paul Swehla is a chef with degrees in education, theology, and Judaic studies. As a student, Paul sat at the feet of author and teacher of Kabbalah, Rabbi Yonasson Gershom. Paul was ordained by rabbi, Dr. Avraham Libertus. He spent more than a decade practicing as an ascetic. His first book, Gilgul: Transmigration (Tikkun Publishing, 2016) is an outgrowth of this time of contemplative soul searching and draft writing. His second book, The Dystopian Hermit Monk (Tikkun Publishing 2018) is the second book of the Tikkun Trilogy. This work has been adapted for the stage, entitled The Dystopian Hermit Monk: Poetry and Drama in One Act (available for free download at His play received Honorable Mention from PEN America. His work has appeared (or will appear) in Prisonology, The Santa Fe Literary Review, Chautuaqua, and other literary journals. Paul currently seeks an independent publisher for a series of essays, compiled as The Evolution of Belief: At Peace with Paradox—book three of the Tikkun Trilogy. He is nearing the end of a 22 year federal prison sentence linked to the accidental overdose of his friend, Ryan. Upon release Paul will reconvene work as a chef, publish a literary journal, and serve as the managing editor for Tikkun Publishing.