Mahima Akula

Mahima Akula headshot

Mahima Akula is a Summer 2021 Prison and Justice Writing intern. They are an undergraduate student at The University of Chicago, where they study English and critical race studies. She has worked with several community organizations in Chicago, including the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, Inner-City Muslim Action Network, and Chicago Eco House. They have also worked with the University Community Service Center to lead and facilitate discussions about social justice with other undergraduate students. Additionally, Akula works with researchers implementing group visits for adult patients with diabetes at community health centers. They recently presented their research on how the interpersonal relationships facilitated by these group visits could potentially mitigate staff burnout at the Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health. She is passionate about personal and community wellness as well as fostering connection and solidarity. They enjoy playing soccer, knitting, warm beverages, and eyeliner.

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