George T. Wilkerson

George Wilkerson

I’m a 37-year-old Korean/white American on death row in N.C. In 2005, when I was arrested, I repented and gave my life to God, hit the ground running and haven’t glanced back…although I still have a filthy, unfiltered mouth, despite my best efforts. I’m working on it. Girlfriends have told me that my mouth gets me into more trouble than my behavior, which is true, I admit, because I have a raw sense of humor and joke about, well, everything. Even in the midst of a serious conversation, sermon, and funeral…Please pray for me.

I’m a consummate artist and philanthropist, in that creativity is an inextricable characteristic of my personality, and everything I do is colored by it even as my spirituality motivates, guides, and defines my life: Since the essence of Christianity is love, and by definition “philanthropy” is a love of humanity, the imperative of love directs me to better myself that I may better help others. It’s not all about me anymore. To see other endeavors on which I work, visit online at: (editor)

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