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Annamarie Harris-Romero

My name is Annamarie Harris-Romero. I live just outside of Phoenix, in the small town of Eloy, AZ. I am an author, a blogger, a budding motivational speaker, and an all-around entrepreneur. I have written 15+ children’s stories to date, the first of which is entitled The Island of Beglob. We hope to being publishing sometime in the fall of 2018 or early spring of 2019. I have also written numerous serious pieces containing experiences from my life that poignantly address many of the social issues that plague our country. Issues that I have experienced personally, including drug addiction, alcohol abuse, homelessness, and incarceration, as well as domestic abuse and the ongoing struggle with mental illness. I am hoping that through my willingness to talk about and explore solutions to my own personal battles, other young people who are struggling may find a glimmer of hope and come to the realization that no matter what has happened in the past, it is still possible to attain your dreams and be successful.