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Protests spanning Congress, civil society, Hollywood, the tech industry, airlines, and others prod Trump to reverse stance on separating migrant families and issue new Executive Order halting future separations. National Enquirer subpoenaed in investigation of Michael Cohen. European Parliament passes sweeping new copyright law requiring that online publishers pay for all links to copyrighted material, including news; decision is music to the ears of the music industry but opposed by some advocates of an open Internet. -Suzanne Nossel, Chief Executive Officer


The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Trump Reverses Course, Signs Order Ending His Policy of Separating Families at the Border
The former inaction surrounding Trump repeatedly defending his immigration crackdown and “zero tolerance” policy, set off an international outcry. While an Executive Order has been signed, prosecution of border-crossing offenders remain.

National Enquirer Executives Said to Be Subpoenaed in Cohen Investigation
The investigation into Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael D. Cohen has ensnared the publisher of The National Enquirer, further thrusting the media company into a federal inquiry involving a top lieutenant to a sitting president.

EU Votes for Copyright Law that Would Make Internet a ‘Tool for Control’
Parliament’s legal affairs committee voted for measures that would require filters to be installed to prevent users from uploading copyrighted materials. Critics fear it will stifle free expression by curtailing internet users’ ability to share content.

Code Red: Free Speech Only Allowed for Two Hours a Week at Southeastern Louisiana University
Southeastern Louisiana University holds a red speech code rating which gives the university power to regulate the time of speech or assembly activities. SLU is one of seven universities in Louisiana that have received a red-light rating.


Fake News on WhatsApp is Killing People in India
Social media rumors have caused rural Indian villagers to patrol in groups on the look-out for anyone they don’t recognize, causing several to be killed. “You see these messages… but you don’t check if they’re real or fake, you just forward them.”

Meet the Activists Fighting the Great Chinese Firewall
If the Chinese government deems a web page dangerous to its rule or the safety of the country, it gets blocked without explanation. But people are fighting back, seeking ways around the firewall and accessing the hidden corners of the internet.

Bill to Criminalize Some Filming of IDF Soldiers Clears First Knesset Hurdle
Legislation criminalizing the filming of Israeli soldiers carrying out their duties with the aim of demoralizing them or harming Israel’s security, passed its first reading. “It [is] part of the attempt to dismantle democracy and harm freedom of the press.”

Vietnam Mass Protests Expose Hanoi’s China Dilemma
The recent protests centered on a law that would create “special economic zones” with the goal of sparking economic reform. The protests highlight the difficulties in embracing Chinese investment while defending Vietnamese independence.

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