Dreams are severed fruit
Auburn pears have fallen in the field
Parsley blooms on the plate
The leghorn at times seems to have six fingers
I crack an egg and the moon comes out

Ancient Flower

Once blooming in the ocean breast
But now mostly faded in color
Just as time arrives from somewhere
And quietly goes to ruin
It is already invisible
Young girls collect in their fingertips the lip of the wave
Sounding a hollow ring

To the Vast Blooming Sky

They are the eyes of all people.
Do these words not resonate in white.
I’ll take off my hat and throw them all in.
As the sky and oceans conceal countless flower petals.
One day, at last, blue fish and rose-colored birds will burst through my head.
The things I’ve lost are never to return.

To Awaken

Spring, scattering roses
descends into the center of our dreams.
Night burns
the bear’s pitch black fur
sticks out its long ruthless tongue
then the flame crawls about the earth.

A singing voice placed
between lifeless lips
– Soon the ceiling’s flower bouquet
is opened.

Ribbon in May

The air roared with laughter outside my window
And in the shadow of that colorful tongue
Leaves blow in a cluster
I am unable to think
Is there someone there
I reach a hand into the darkness to find
only a long wind of hair