The Broken Shelf: Part 1: Disfigured Haiku

Life as Broken Shelves
Is one without acknowledgement
Treasured tales collapse.

The Broken Shelf: Part 2: Limerick

The shelf reeked of knowledge and dust
Its hefty insides were tough
Til I witnessed a fall
With a clunk off the wall
Know it all, was no longer robust.

Definition Poem: Poetry

As a matter of fact, I stumbled upon poetry the other day.
It gazed at me with its huge hallow gaping eyes
And when I reached to touch it
It replied by saying nothing.
To be honest, it just couldn’t.
Poetry is nothing you expected god to construct.
Its simply an object.
One that tat’s when you tap it.
Caresses the nose when you burn it
And stimulates the air when you shine it.
Poetry is a polished life-sized plank of imagination
With divergent categories, wise stenches
And stoned feet … believe it or not.
Poetry, is a book shelf.