Larry G. Bozeman
B.C.F. Route 2
Bland, VA 24315

The beginning of time became a reality when man realized he was the most superior being, nevertheless this man found distinction between himself and his fellow man.  At this time in history there was a majority of peace loving people occupying this earth, also there were a small minority of people believing in the concept of only the strong survive.  The leaders of the peace loving people didn’t practice war, this attitude expressed by the people loving culture angered the minority people who believed only the strong survive.

This confusion among the cultures of people brought about different opinions and many tribes of people.  The minority of war bearing people banded together and destroyed every known tribe of people in existence.  This minority of people begun to all themselves white people, therefore the defeated people became known as Black, Red, and Yellow people.  The so-called white people has a complex concerning themselves and the nature of how society appear to them.

Once the majority of peace loving people were put into slavery, the superior white people called the majority of peace loving people, Negros, indians, and other meaningless names.  There is so much to be reveal that it’s impossible to write it down on paper, but I must give you a better understanding.

Down through history there are countless incidents that reveal the hardships and agony of people being discriminated against.  The only opinion , I can share with the attitude of an oppressed man, is the hardship I have experienced out of direct contact with the ignorant intt he white society.  The reason man responds in a superior aspect is because of his sense of confusion.  People has weaknesses for physical greed, which contribute to what we react with each others desire concerning greed.  The ability to think in terms of money is the number one goal of every speaking man, because of our weakness in self discipline.  The reason we can’t find a better way of living in this environment will continue to be because of our own ignorance. 

Man is an individual being unified with all the creates of known reality in life.  The human being believe in god, because god is a form of the divine intelligence capable of trusting people with our understanding, to bond under one common goal or purpose.  Man is the lowest form of intelligence if we allow ourselves.  Struggle with each other because of  our difference in appearances, culture or beliefs.  Why will the animals, who we consider a lower form of intelligence than ourselves, Join in nature to form their union with each other?  Man will be confused until reality exist no more.  The life we live is not our own, , nothing will ever be the way we wish it to be.  Once this piece of information is accepted, the key which unlocks the veil over our minds will be released to pure awareness oft his world.  The world is called the world, because this planet consist of different people habitating many ways of life.  Our purpose is to understand each others problem and build a world in which all of us (man + woman) can contribute the talents life has offer us in nature.

Down through history many records reveal what has taken place in the past centuries.  Man has destroyed million of people each year , because of our sense less fear of each others culture.  What man doesn’t understand he will try to change or destroy.  Confusion on a small scale displays a need for understanding may things within ourselves that must be corrected.  Confusion on a large scale states that man is very ignorant, when we as a people allow ourselves to build conflicts and disunity between our fellow man.  Man and woman were made perfect in every sense imaginable, nevertheless we are physical being amazed by the physical appearance of our predestined environment.  Man and the concept, we consider man to be, is a totally different analysis.  Man is a being united with the pure a completed conformance of sharing this planet with all forms of life that exist in nature.   The concept people have been told down through history about the role of man is a fallacy no a fact.  Man has been living a life in pleasure, struggling with the physical entity we consider emotional values.  Man has many weaknesses and the reasons we are weak will reveal itself in every action we conceive.  Man has created wars on this planet for a reason we all can understand, once we as a people review ourselves as helpless victims of complete ignorance.  Please ask yourself what is a war, my associate?  Today a war is a conflict between a group of people fighting for a physical gain.  Is it possible to state that tomorrow or in the near future, you and I will also devote time and effort to fighting a war for a physical gain.  The foundation of war is a lack of personal discipline on the part of a people and their leader.  Why should a group of men fight each other, when we don’t even know the essence of ourselves or the essence of the people we prepare ourselves to engage in battle.  We as a people look at the physical appearance of the world and call the things we experience and objectives we see, life.  What do you really consider life?

If the individual  in the body we realize as our own had the power to think for one moment, we all would know that life is not one of the things we assume ourselves pertains to the basis of life as we know it.  Man will live in a fantacy because the imagines we see is the only concepts, we judge as part of the basis of our lives.  What we consider life has the generalization which pretains to all the hopes we place before ourselves and the disappointments we may suppress, because of our weakness in mental and physical adaptiveness.  Reality is a part of the whole understanding we allow ourselves to accept bout our past and present condition in whatever environment we now habitate.  Reality is also the whole combination of everything we expose to life, as a people confused and un-confused about the many roles we play in this life.  What can the world offer reality that hasn’t been preposed at one moment in the past history we try to understand?