Thank a Journalist

I love local news buttonThis year, on World Press Freedom Day, PEN America, our Members, and our allies will be sending “Thank You” notes to local newsrooms and their journalists on the frontlines of COVID-19 coverage.

Please join us by signing your name below and using #ThankYouJournalists on social. 

Dear Journalists,

We at PEN America want to thank you for the heroic work you do to keep us informed and—now more than ever—safe. We, the public, rely on journalists like you for current, accurate, and inclusive coverage and to hold powerful institutions accountable. While the coronavirus outbreak has affected each of us differently, local journalists have been essential in providing critical information about how this global pandemic is playing out in communities across the country. What’s more, you have brought us the human dimension of this crisis—the tragedies and heartbreak, but also the bright lights of generosity and bravery at a time when we are all craving connection. 

We are deeply grateful to you for your indefatigable reporting even in the face of personal risk and worrying economic uncertainty in the news business. We also recognize the contributions of editors and the many others working behind the scenes at news organizations. 

Just as you have been protecting us, we will do our very best to defend journalists and the principles of press freedom. We understand that these are tough times for local journalism, and we will continue to fight for a free and vibrant press by supporting news outlets like yours, combatting disinformation, and elevating your work. 

Below are the names of people around the country who join us in thanking local journalists and paying tribute to your work—just a small fraction of those whose lives have been enriched by the work you are doing.

History will remember your role on the front line of this crisis, but in the meantime, we hope you will accept our deepest gratitude for all that you do.