You have to break away from the pain that is endured
Sometimes I look for a guide to follow in life because most of my ideas failed because of
The WHAT IFs that keep replaying in my head
Feeling alone as if hope has left my side
Trying to find the motivation
My purpose in living to keep me breathing
Walking down the street my last five dollars
Saw a bookstore, glanced inside
So I thought … Found myself trying to find a survival book resembling life and death or at
least a connection between my life and others so I won’t feel so alone

Hagakure (The book of the samurai)
Caught my eye
Read the blurb
“When a man faces 100 men all alone he should not think of the outcome but what he’s doing at the moment”
Felt a connection
All of my life I’ve been thinking too much questioning myself forgetting about the
purpose of life gotta live in the moment everyday’s an experience I will have to face the unexpected with great pride like 100 soldiers against me I have to fight the odds and beat the darkness that’s trying to hold me back

The philosophy of my life is unremarkable

I have to break away
Before I get broken!