Below is a sample script for anyone who wants to speak at a school board meeting against book bans and challenges to books. If you can’t make it in person, you can send a letter!

Here are more tips on what to say about book bans.

Sample SCRIPT ABOUT BOOK BANS to the school board

To the school board:

I want to thank you for your work in keeping our schools safe and enriching for all our children.

I believe in the freedom to read, but today, that freedom is in danger. Book bans overwhelmingly target books about race, racism, gender and sexuality, many by Black and LGBTQ authors. Although a minority of voices are loudly challenging books, an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose book banning.

I don’t want other parents making choices for my child. One parent or group of parents should not decide what other people’s kids can read. Any restriction or removal of books from our school libraries would undermine the right of every other parent in this school district to make a choice about what’s right for their child.

Books are a safe place for kids to explore different topics that grown ups may not feel comfortable discussing with them. Those topics include many issues kids will encounter and need to be able to talk about and understand, like violence, sexuality, and racism.

Students deserve the chance to understand their world and everyone in it. Classrooms and school libraries should be spaces where all students feel they belong.

I want to thank the librarians and teachers in our district who have worked hard to find books that will enrich our children’s lives. Please let them do their jobs and leave decisions on books to the experts.