Have you heard about a book being removed or restricted in your public school or public library? We want to hear about it.

PEN America is committed to pushing back against book bans and defending the freedom to read for all students. If you are aware of a book ban, please fill out the form below with the information you have to report a book ban case. Once received, PEN America will authenticate reports with other publicly available data. Book ban reporting will always remain confidential to PEN America’s Freedom to Read researchers and cases can be reported anonymously. 

Reporting book bans informs PEN America’s research and advocacy efforts. All instances of verified book bans are recorded on PEN America’s Index of School Book Bans, which gives students, parents, librarians, educators, and advocates access to instances of book bans in their schools and districts and helps center efforts on the schools and districts that need the most support. Reporting book bans is vital to building awareness of threats to the freedom to read and to exposing where cases of censorship may not be receiving as much public attention. 

Join our efforts in pushing back against book bans. For ways to get involved, visit our Freedom to Read Action page.