(NEW YORK)— The postponement of an exhibition in Mesa, AZ at the direction of city officials who objected to a piece by Shepherd Fairey showing a skeletal police officer in riot gear, sets up a “chilling precedent” and should be rescinded, PEN America said today.

The exhibition Facing the Giant: Three Decades of Dissent, focuses on genocide, social justice, and related themes, was scheduled to open in the fall at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum.

My Florist is a Dick“ by Fairey reportedly drew the ire of officials in Mesa. The work, which was part of the artist’s traveling exhibition, depicts a police officer in riot gear with the shadowy face of a skeleton clutching a nightstick with a flower blooming from one end. 

Numerous regional news outlets are reporting that the postponement was spurred by a request from city officials to remove a piece from the exhibition over concerns it would offend municipal police officers. 

In response to the postponement, PEN America’s William Johnson, director of PEN Across America, said: “The right to freely critique and satirize government is not only a cornerstone of the First Amendment but a grounding principle for democratically-aligned art movements. This postponement sets up a chilling precedent, sending a message that only state-endorsed art is fit for public consumption, and that only state-endorsed ideas should be the basis for public cultural conversations. This exhibition should be allowed to proceed immediately.“

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