March 20, 2020

Poetry Picks Book Covers

Featuring Luis J. Rodriguez, Matthew Zapruder, Sheila Black, Chiwan Choi, Ashaki Jackson, Ilya Kaminsky, Katie Ford, and F. Douglas Brown

Most weekday mornings, I wake up early to write and read poetry. This practice is sustaining in many ways, but it’s been especially calming in recent weeks. Poetry has always anchored me to this world and to the voices of others. In that spirit, I’ve asked a few of my favorite poets to recommend some collections for our current moment. We’re linking to titles at, so you can either buy online or enter your zip code to purchase from an independent bookstore near your home. These small businesses are creatively exploring how to best serve their customers, and you can do your part by ordering from them.

Finally, as I consider an ongoing poetry feature for our site, I’d love to hear from you about collections, poems, and other resources you’re enjoying or finding useful these days—please send them my way at [email protected].