Canarium Books, one of my favorite small presses, is posting cover images of its 2013 roster of books. Here’s the first image of Pink Reef, by Robert Fernandez. Robert’s first book, We Are Pharaoh (Canarium, 2011) was amazing, and I’m sure Pink Reef will be, too. If you are not familiar with Canarium, be sure to look at their catalog of authors. Each of their books features beautiful, idiosyncratic design and poetry.

Here is an excerpt from a fascinating essay on Jack Spicer by poet Chris Martin, over at Montevidayo:

In effect, Spicer is counseling the poet to circumscribe her umwelt; to winnow it down so small that it approaches the minimalist sense-world of a tick. This makes double sense as environment, given that Spicer was infamous for dramatically circumscribing his own readership, rarely moving beyond the Bay Area. Foremost remains the question: why become a tick? Well, I think there are several valid answers, but the one I’d like to posit from Spicer’s perspective is this: because it increases the likelihood of reception.

Did you know that FENCE has an audio podcast? Neither did I. There’s only a handful of episodes, but they are pretty great.

I just discovered two great online journals. If you have a few minutes, check out NAP (especially their e-chap section which contains a bunch of free literature. Also, I love this Seth Landman poem in Jellyfish, which has been around for 6 issues.

Caketrain, the publisher of my first book, has just released two new titles that look amazing: Mistake by Meredith Stricker, and Listening for Earthquakes by Jasmine Dreame Wagner. They also have crazy low prices. Here’s a deal you should take advantage of, right away.