Kenyan Pen President Released

International PEN welcomes the release of Kenyan PEN President Philo Ikonya and a student activist following their arrest yesterday while taking part in a peaceful demonstration against corruption in… More

Pen President and Member Assaulted By Police

International PEN protests the arrest and alleged police assault of Philo Ikonya and Fwamba N C Fwamba, president and member of Kenyan PEN, respectively, in Nairobi on February 18,… More

PEN Appeal: Philo Ikonya and Fwamba N C Fwamba

February 25, 2009 The Honorable Mwai Kibaki C.G.H. M.P President of Kenya Office of the President PO Box 30510-00100 Nairobi Kenya Fax: +254-20-313600 Major General Mohamed Hussein Ali, M.G.H. Commissioner of Police PO Box 30083 Nairobi Kenya Fax: +254-20-240955 Your Excellencies, On behalf… More