The Living Room

“The Living Room” is excerpted from A Game for Swallows by Zeina Abirached and translated by Edward Gauvin. It appears in PEN America 12: Correspondences. More

Mehdi’s Gone

Mehdi’s Gone is part of Zahra’s Paradise, a story set in the aftermath of Iran’s 2009 elections. First Second Books is publishing it online in Farsi, Arabic, English, French,… More

Of Course and Utensils Shrink

Of Coursehe won’t tell you his whole lifein three hours or in three days, evenif he really wantedto show you that he likes youand trusts you. There’s justno way… More

Amir and Khalil: Mehdi’s Gone

"Mehdi’s Gone" is part of Zahra’s Paradise, a story set in the aftermath of Iran’s 2009 elections that First Second Books is publishing online in Farsi, Arabic, English, French,… More

A Truly Mad Business

From: Claire MessudTo: Mohammed Naseehu AliSubject: a place to beginDear Mohammed,It’s Claire Messud here, with a wave & a shout. It’s with great pleasure that I’ve been reading a… More

A Kind of Vast Fiction

From: Jonathan LethemTo: David GatesSubject: the old transmissionHey, David. As I was saying to my 2,472 friends the other day, these certainly are strange times in the history of… More

A Game

Marrell and Tom’s living room, after the dinner part of the dinner party.Tom:Jane: Tom: Jane:Marrell:Tom:Jane:Marrell:Tom & Marrell:Marrell:Tom:Marrell:Alan:Marrell & Tom:Jane:Tom & Marrell:Jane:Tom:Marrell:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Tom & Marrell:Jean-Pierre:Marrell:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Marrell:Jean-Pierre:Marrell:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Tom:Marrell:Tom:Marrell:Alan:Tom:Alan:Tom:Marrell:Tom:Marrell:Alan:Marrell:Tom:Marrell:Tom:Marrell:Jean-Pierre:Alan:Tom:Marrell:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Marrell:Tom:Marrell:Alan:Marrell:Tom:Alan:Tom:Marrell:Jean-Pierre:Tom:Alan:Marrell:Alan:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Tom:Alan:Marrell:Alan:Marrell:Alan:Marrell:Alan:Marrell:Alan:Marrell:Jean-Pierre:Tom:Marrell:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Jane:Tom:Alan:Tom:Marrell & Alan:Tom:Jean-Pierre:Alan:Tom:Jane:Alan:Jean-Pierre:Alan:Marrell:Alan:Marrell:Jane:Marrell:Tom:Jane:Alan:Jane:Tom:Jane:Marrell:Tom:Jane:Alan:Jane:Tom:Jane:Marrell:Jane:All Except Jane:Jane:All Except Jane:Jane:All Except Jane:Jane:All Except Jane:Jane:All… More

Horoscopes For the Dead

Horoscopes For the DeadEvery morning since you fell down on the face of the earth,I read about you in the newspaperalong with the box scores, the weather, and all… More


HungerWhy don’t I eat something newlike the map of Sudan, for exampleor the Egyptian deltain a longitudinal slicefrom split branches to moutha million generations of built up siltor eat… More