The Trade

Actually, she was certain. The test had been positive, and she’d done it twice. So in a way she’d known, but she hadn’t told anyone, not even Will. It… More


1They lived, when he was growing up, in a simple house, an old bungalow with a converted attic and sides covered in cedar shake. In the back, where an… More

Pistachio, Down, and My Fat Uncle

After reading lots of Lydia DavisPISTACHIOI’m snacking and I find myself thinking: A pistachio is a bad parable. The ones that are easiest to open are also the tastiest.… More

Lara Croft

Lara CroftShe lies half sunken in the swamps of depression, her open jawsfull of complaint. sometimes lava flows. sometimes the cold ashsifts—of the Jewish Historical Institute archives,where once, sorting… More

The Book Of

the book of dip netting beaks, the book of mud probing beaks, the book of kissing as a form of knife sharpening, the book of lovers & the book of beloveds, the book… More