Burma’s Key Dissidents

Myanmar marks the 64th anniversary of its independence from Britain this week. The leaders of the country, also known as Burma, used the occasion to announce a prisoner amnesty—reduced… More

Heroes: Nay Phone Latt

There are two photos of Nay Phone Latt that I love. In the first one, he's in a vacant lot flying a kite. In the other, he's standing in… More

Burmese Blogger Wins Top US Award

Imprisoned Burmese blogger Nay Phone Latt, whose role in disseminating news of the September 2007 uprising in Burma won him international applaud, has received the prestigious PEN/Barbara Goldsmith award.… More


Tonight PEN will honor Nay Phone Latt, a young Burmese blogger who is serving a twelve-year sentence in a remote and harsh prison for using his blog and the… More