Internet Writer Cleared on Appeal

International PEN welcomes the verdict of a Moroccan court of appeal to overturn the two-year sentence against Internet writer Mohammed Erraji on September 18, 2008. More

PEN Appeal: Mohammed Erraji

September 17, 2008 Abbas El Fassi Le Premier Ministre Palais Royal, Touarga Rabat, Morocco Fax: +212 037 768656 M. Abdelwahad Radi Le Ministre de la Justice Place El Mamoumia Rabat, Morocco Your Excellencies, On behalf of the 3,300 members of… More

Internet Writer Imprisoned for Insult

International PEN protests the two-year prison sentence and fine of 5,000 dirhams handed down to Internet writer Mohammed Erraji on September 8, 2008 for criticizing King Mohammed in an… More