In Conversation: Vladimir Sorokin and Keith Gessen

In today's PEN Podcast, we feature a conversation between n+1 co-editor Keith Gessen and Russian novelist Vladimir Sorokin. Sorokin's novel The Blizzard was recently longlisted for PEN's 2016 Literary… More


The following is an excerpt from Lucille by Ludovic Debeurme, a 2011 PEN World Voices Festival participant. More

Working Day Notes: The Publishing Revolution is Here

Introduction by Joshua FurstWe’ll examine the current state of publishing and the massive changes it’s going through. The panel of publishers and authors will describe their experiences, and try… More

Blue on Blue

A week in Washington.The American soldiers killed in Iraq will one day have a memorial on the Mall in Washington DC like the soldiers killed in the Vietnam War.… More

We, The Drowned

The BootsMany years ago there lived a man called Laurids Madsen, who went up to Heaven and came down again, thanks to his boots.He didn’t soar as high as… More

Eléctrico W

Antonio and I had never worked together but we had come across each other several times. His photos had illustrated my investigation into the garimpeiros, destitute gold miners in… More

Your Time Has Come

* * *Light from the ferry’s windowmixed along the floor.Alone, we wait to be delivered.* * *Two new sparrows,the tourists don’t knowthey’re new.* * *Too tired to writeand this… More

The Mere Future

1. Coma Toast(In the future, when things are slightly better because there has been a big change.)Back in the present, my lover Nadine and I have moved to a… More

Broke on Ice

Broke Bop Boogie These shoes were made for walkin’ Not talkin’ I put so much mileage on these here dogs Their tongues no longer pant in anticipation Of unknown journeys, but lie in exasperation As… More

The New Jim Crow

Jarvious Cotton cannot vote. Like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather, he has been denied the right to participate in our electoral democracy. Cotton’s family tree tells the story… More