Pieces of a Dream

Pieces of a DreamSmacking gum, smiling, and wearing atight mini-mini that barely coversthe imagination, she looks like shebelongs in a junior high somewhere—and even that might be a stretch.It’s… More

Interview: Clifford Barnes

QUESTION: What was the spark that made you begin writing in prison? When did it occur?CLIFFORD BARNES:I didn’t begin writing in prison. I wrote as a youngster, not just… More

Interview: Zachary Redfearne

QUESTION: What was the spark that made you begin writing in prison? When did it occur?ZACHARY REDFEARNE: A writing workshop by Naropa University was a big motivational booster.Q: Can… More

Absolver of Sing Sing

FADE IN:INT. TED’S CELL—DAYTEDDY PEDDLETON exits when the gate opens. He’s visibly shattered emotionally.START CREDITSON THE GALLERYTed moves toward the exit; WATUSI and another prisoner from their cells make… More

Time Cut for Willy

Cast of Characters:William (Willy) Conrad Barns: Eighteen and looks younger. Small boned and effeminate with blonde hair and blue eyes. Pretty boy.Susan (Sam) Allison Macmillan: Petite redhead with a… More

Hiding Franz Fanon

Scene 2(Building Major Lenny Bealy sits behind his desk, hunting and pecking on a dummy terminal. A knock sounds on the door.)Major: Yeah. C’mon in, Shakir.(Enter Shakir, wide-eyed.)Major: Close… More

San Quentin, July 4th, 1975

I stabbed with my right fist, coming up to the imaginary point of my opponent’s chin. The “clack” of the cell doors being unlocked came closer. I bobbed, ducking… More

A Requiem for Freddy

His liver destroyed by Hepatitis C, Robert Hagenson didn’t receive a transplant, but a type of early parole—in a body bag. His sudden deterioration and death hit many of… More

Summer Snow

*The following is a true account. Everything actually took place at the end of summer of 1982.On July 8, 1982, I turned fourteen years old. It was the middle… More

Amos Fuller Doesn’t Speak

Amos Fuller Doesn't SpeakAmos Fuller doesn’t speak.He sometimes sits with us when there is room,His stark dinner tray occupying his privatequarter of the table.His khakis are always neat and… More