Fairhill Prison

Fairhill PrisonI am sitting here in Fairhill Prison,watching the guards jingle by in their shiny shoes.I am O.K. here,I am secure.I have been classified, collated and rated,fingerprinted, photoed and… More

The Wall Keeper

The Wall KeeperNo one tries to sell me tickets to the Olympics;They know I can’t go.The guard in the towerBegs me to climb the wallSo he could shoot me… More

The Lie

You want to know,Would I kill a child,staring with innocent eyes,the embodiment of defenselessness?I’d murder man, woman, or child,no difference to me.Hate makes no distinction.Not because I’m bitterbeing here… More

Hideous Hideaway

On the floor in the corner,urine marinated cigarette butts.The smell of stale sweat and stale smoke.A hastily shredded letter in the toilet.Soap scum around the sink.Dried razor hairs and… More