A Fresh End

It is important to find the right place for an ending. Places we pass through are easily forgotten; whether the right place at the right time or not, we… More

Old Letter

On your plain white envelope a handwritten address hints at the personal inside. Long time companion through many transfers and years, you have been worked soft and your stamp… More

The Double Edge

The Double EdgeThere is no shame in not surviving.Even as the blood is let outhonor and grace enter the vein.All heroes die for credibility.As for being a saint, Miguelo,it… More

Interview: Zachary Redfearne

QUESTION: What was the spark that made you begin writing in prison? When did it occur?ZACHARY REDFEARNE: A writing workshop by Naropa University was a big motivational booster.Q: Can… More

Release Date

On shaky knees Carson takes the first step onto the front walk. For six long years the address before him had been only numbers and letters. Now, in the… More

After a Bomb Threat

After a Bomb ThreatI am waved to a nichewithin a crowd of bodies,half of them stripping down,The remainder uniformed in blue.Here, I will bare myselfin the pallor of shame,have… More