Tariq Ramadan Wins One

While denying that Ramadan was excluded on ideological grounds, Jones said, “Professor Ramadan, tomorrow, could endorse or espouse terrorism.” >> Read the story More

PEN Fights Good Fight for Int’l Writer

When prominent Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan was denied a U.S. visa because of statements he'd made against the U.S. government, the PEN American Center joined the crusade supporting the… More

A Chill in the Air

"Thanks in large part to the Patriot Act, our government is once again excluding foreign writers and scholars from the country simply because of their political beliefs." >> Read… More

When US bars its door to foreign scholars

Concern is mounting that the US government is using antiterror laws--namely, the Patriot Act--to revive a now-discredited practice common during the cold war: the prevention of foreign intellectuals who… More

New Challenge on Visa Denials

To many academics, one of the most fearsome parts of the Patriot Act is section 411, which allows the government to deny visas to prominent individuals from abroad who… More