Songwriter Released

Singer-songwriter Lapiro de Mbanga (real name: Pierre Roger Lambo Sandjo) was freed on April 8, 2011, having completed a three-year prison sentence for allegedly instigating anti-government riots. More

Two Years On, Songwriter Remains Imprisoned

International PEN protests the continued imprisonment of singer-songwriter Lapiro de Mbanga (Pierre Roger Lambo Sandjo), whose final appeal has still not been heard despite having served more than two… More

Songwriter Sentenced to Three Years’ Imprisonment

International PEN protests the three-year prison sentence and exorbitant fine imposed on the well-known singer-songwriter Lapiro de Mbanga (real name Pierre Roger Lambo Sandjo) on September 24, 2008 for… More

Songwriter Detained for Lyrics

PEN fears that well-known singer-songwriter Lapiro de Mbanga’s detention is in violation of his right to freedom of expression. More