Bush can do more for refugees

Dakar, Senegal—There is George W. Bush and there's Larry Siems. Siems is among those Americans, like Senator Ted Kennedy, who want their president to take moral responsibility for creating… More

Lost in Translation

Cocky, cheerful Ali Adil thought he found his calling as an interpreter with the Third Marines, patrolling Iraq's most dangerous ground. The pay was good and he loved bantering… More

Few Iraqis Are Gaining U.S. Sanctuary

With thousands of Iraqis desperately fleeing this country every day, advocates for refugees, and even some American officials, say there is an urgent need to allow more Iraqi refugees… More

Lost After Translation

The United States Marines entered Mosul from the north. I lived in the northern suburbs, so I saw the first American flag. When the Humvees stopped, I shook hands… More

Republic of Dreams

When I was a student, we read many books about Western culture, democracy and the Greek philosophers. We saw movies set in America, where people were able to speak… More

Fear of Freedom

Under Saddam Hussein, if you were not a member of the Baath party, you wouldn’t get rations, you’d be forbidden to carry on studying, you wouldn’t be on the… More