Boundaries and Borders: A Reading List

In celebration of PEN Out Loud: Boundaries and Borders, PEN America and the Strand Book Store created a comprehensive book list of Latinx authors who have impacted and shaped… More

The PEN Ten with Idra Novey

Translating the words of the writers I most admire has always felt more daring to me than coming up with words of my own. It is such a complex… More

On Elegance While Sleeping

December 4, 18 …At birth, I felt the desire to correct the human tendency to feel fragile and imperfect. I’ve therefore sanctified my life to this sole endeavor. Logic… More

In the Time of Jaguars

Having lived many years in the scrub grass in the way of birds/ The boy took on a bird’s kind of stare—/ He obtained a fountain-esque vision./ he observed… More

On Public Lives/Private Lives

Pausing Outside a House Santiago, Chile 2005Here, where a ruin longsto be a house, and a houseto be left to ruin. Where men blindfolded studentsand pushed them downthe basement stairs. The… More


AcrobatBetween word and thinga leap over nothing.Around the wordthe myriad layers of dreams.An onion. An atom.A ravenous onion.Between one layer and anothernothing.The layers leap over the void,take the hollows by… More


FalangeOur arrival is gradual, discreet,but we’re certain, as certainas six and seven make thirteen.The hour doubles itself, heightensas we drive past, ever smugand rounding up silences.We’re severe, as completeas… More