Poet Sentenced

PEN International protests the one-year sentence handed down to poet and student Ayat Al-Gormezi (f) on anti-state charges for poems critical of the Bahraini king. PEN calls for her… More

Give Us Back Our Bahrain

We are in the business of open memories, memories that do not oppose people, one against the other. We represent an open idea of how people can live together. More

Give Us Back Our Bahrain

httpv://youtu.be/K8-qOerX3xI The above video captures Bahraini poet Ayat al-Gormezi reciting her poem, “Khalifa” (Prime Minister), at a pro-democracy protest in Pearl Square. She was arrested in March and charged with incitement… More

Poet and Writer Arrested; Fears for Safety

PEN International is deeply concerned about the arrests of poet and student Ayat Al-Gormezi (f), and writer and journalist Abbas Al- Murshid, who have been held since March 30… More