What Is Left Unwritten

Texts and images of millennia past affect us without our notice all the time. Their cultural residue is the foundation upon which we stand, yet we often fail to… More

Birds in the Mouth

I turned off the TV and looked out the window. Silvia’s car was parked in front of the house, with the emergency lights on. I wondered if there was… More

Bringing German Theater to the World

In choosing plays to translate, I have sought out scripts that are substantially different—in form, or content, or both—from the type of work routinely staged by English-language theaters, without… More


There was light, and then came darkness. My monitor went out, along with my desk lamp, and the enormous sun-drenched classroom—where an imaginary little man in pullover, tie, and… More

Renovating Tradition

To me, Kezilahabi’s poems communicate that any understanding achieved has meaning exactly because it is temporary, idiosyncratic, and subject to change. More