Allinda Michael Ziggy Wine

Ziggy Wine was kidnapped in July 2019; his mutilated body was found one week later, and he died in hospital shortly after. His family believes the state played a… More

Naji Jerf

A filmmaker known for his work exposing the realities of the Syrian Civil War, Jerf was killed by ISIS militants in Gaziantep, Turkey in December 2015. Prior to his… More

Writers at Risk Database

Hrant Dink

In January 2007, Dink was murdered in Istanbul by a 17-year-old Turkish nationalist with the help of Turkish police. Prior to his death, Dink was an outspoken critic of… More

Thiagarajah Selvanithy Selvi

Selvanithy was the founder of the feminist journal Tholi. Reportedly critical of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam's guerilla tactics, she was abducted by the LTTE in 1991 and… More