Asal Abasian

A queer journalist and writer, Abasian was forced to flee Iran in 2021 after being interrogated and threatened with imprisonment due to their writing, journalistic work, and activism. Exiled… More

Dalia Ziada

An award-winning author and political analyst, Ziada had to flee Egypt after receiving threats for her condemnation of Hamas and support for Israel following the October 7th attacks. A… More

Viktor Shenderovich

Satirist Shenderovich fled Russia after he was designated as a “foreign agent” in December 2021. He has lived in exile since, but faces continued repression. Reports emerged in 2022… More

Annah Ashaba Ashana

Ashaba is an exiled poet and online commentator. In 2021, she was forced to leave Uganda after she wrote a satirical poem about the country’s president. She fled to… More

Dmitry Bikov

Bikov, the author of over 90 books, survived an assassination attempt in 2019 and left Russia in 2022 after its invasion of Ukraine. In October 2022, he was fined… More

Salman Al-Khalidi

Activist Al-Khalidi was sentenced in absentia to 5 years of imprisonment for his tweets while he was studying in Qatar. He was pardoned in January 2023, but sentenced again… More

Elena Kostyuchenko

Kostyuchenko is an exiled journalist and writer. After the outbreak of Russia’s war on Ukraine, she was forced to leave a reporting assignment in Mariupol after learning of an… More

Sergei Gulyaev

Gulyaev, an exiled Russian writer and politician, was censured by prominent public figures in May 2023 for his 2022 book on the war in Ukraine, Sunset in Brown Tones.… More

Nurlan Gahramanli Nurlan Libre

Nurlan Libre is an anti-war blogger and journalist who shared anti-war views on his Facebook page. In September 2023, he was sentenced to 30-day administrative arrest for "spreading prohibited… More

Sasha Filipenka

Filipenka is an exiled Belarusian writer and activist. He left the country in 2020 after participating in anti-government protests. In May 2021, a theater group was forced to leave… More