Arzu Demir

A literary writer and journalist, Demir was sentenced to 6 years in prison for writing two books titled “Dağın Kadın Hali (Womanly State of the Mountain)” and “Devrimin Rojava… More

Maxim Pokrovsky

The lead singer of Russian rock group Nogu Svelo, Pokrovsky has been known for releasing critical songs condemning the war on Ukraine. One song has led to a police… More

Óscar-René Vargas

Fleeing into exile in 2018, the well-known sociologist and writer Vargas was arressted immediately upon his return to Nicaragua in November 2022. Detained for nearly three months, Vargas was… More

Sergio Ramirez

Notable literary writer and winner of the 2017 Cervantes Prize, Ramirez is an outspoken critic of the Nicaraguan government. He wrote a novel Tongolele no Sabia Bailar in 2021… More

Dinara Gagarina

Gagarina is a former Associate Professor of the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines of the Faculty of Social, Economic and Computer Sciences in the Perm branch of the Higher School… More

Dariush Memar Darush

A well-known poet and literary critic, Memar is facing charges of "prooaganda against the regime" for his critical writing against the regime. He currently lives in exile in Germany… More

Dmitry Glukhovsky

In June 2022, Glukhovsky was arrested in absentia for anti-war social media posts he made in May. Living in exile in Europe, in October 2022 he was placed on… More

Islom Kholboev

Kholboev is an Uzbek journalist living in exile in Türkiye. He took an active part in the formation of the Birlik people's movement and the Erk party in the… More

Andrey Yanushkevich

Author and publisher Yanushkevich was detained on May 16, 2022 after police raided his home, looking for “extremist materials.” Two hundred copies of George Orwell’s 1984 were confiscated, and… More

Pinar Selek

Pınar Selek | Status: In Exile | Turkey

In July 1998, writer, sociologist, and feminist Pınar Selek was arrested in connection with an explosion at the Istanbul Spice Bazaar, a tragedy that led to the deaths of… More