Raouf Farrah

Farrah, a Canadian-Algerian researcher, human right defender, and contributing author of Algeria: The Future in Play, was arrested on February 14, 2023 in Algeria as he was visiting relatives. He was… More

Victor Ticay

Ticay, a broadcast journalist for a local TV channel, is serving an 8 year prison sentence for his online commentary on his Facebook page "La Portada." In Trial held in… More

Thupten Lodoe

Renowned Tibetan author Thupten is serving a 4-year-sentence for allegedly "inciting separatism." He was first arrested in October 2021 due to his political commentary on platforms like Weibo and… More

Yongpei Qin

A human rights lawyer and online activist, Yongpei is serving a 5 year sentence on charges of "inciting subversion of state power." Yongpei was first detained in October 2019… More

Dzmitryi Yurtaeyeu

Yurtaeyeu is a poet and teacher who had participated in anti-government protests in September 2022. He was detained by authorities on September 21, 2022 and forced to read his… More

Aliaksandr Novikau

A historian and blogger, Novikau was arrested on June 27, 2022 for publishing articles on his website that aim at revising history. He was convicted and found guilty of… More

Le Manh Ha

An online commentator, Le Manh Ha was arrested in January 2022 when police raided his house and seized 20 books, two laptop computers, and a cellphone. On October 25,… More

Nguyen Lan Thang

Nguyen Lan Thang has written commentary on current events in Vietnam and around the world, history, and philosophy via his blog on Radio Free Asia since at least 2013.… More

Phan Cong Hai

In November 2019, Phan Cong Hai was arrested for Facebook posts that were deemed "anti-state." In a 2020 trial in which he did not have legal representation in court… More

Tran Hoang Huan

Tran Hoang Tuan was indicted and arrested under investigation for his alleged anti-state propaganda in August 2021. Many believe his arrest was directly related to his criticism of the… More