Ahmed Abu Damous

Damous worked in political analysis and translation before founding Facebook and Telegram pages on which he actively published news updates and political commentary. In October 2023, he was arrested… More

Alaa al-Rimawi

In October 2023, Israeli forces raided political analyst, columnist, and J-Media director Al-Rimawi’s home in the West Bank and detained his son, whose arrest they used to pressure Al-Rimawi… More

Imad Abu Awad

As director of the Al-Quds Center for Palestinian and Israeli Studies, Abu Awad shared political analysis and opinion on multiple Facebook accounts, as well as providing commentary to international… More

Khalida Jarrar

Researcher and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine member Jarrar was arrested from her home in the West Bank in December 2023, shortly after the Independent Commission for… More

Mohamed Al-Atrash

Al-Atrash, a host on Radio Alam and co-founder of Space Media, which covers Palestinian issues, also writes commentary online. He was arrested at his home in the West Bank… More

Musab Khamees Qafeisha

Qafeisha, a freelance reporter from the West Bank who writes commentary online, has been detained several times in the past decade. In October 2023, Israeli soldiers surrounded Qafeisha’s home… More

Mustafa Sheta

Sheta, known for his activism, is a columnist and producer at The Freedom Theatre. In early December 2023, the Israeli Army forces broke into and destroyed The Freedom Theatre… More

Nawef Al-Amer

Columnist and social media commentator Al-Amer authored Days of Ashes (2013), where he recounts his experience as a detainee for 13 months in an Israeli prison in 2011. In… More

Radwan Qatanani

Qatanani is a columnist for the Palestinian news website ETAR as well as an online commentator posting primarily on Twitter. He previously spent 20 months in administrative detention in… More

Prabir Purkayastha

Purkayastha is the founder of NewsClick, an independent news website, and a public intellectual. In October 2023, the NewsClick offices and his home were raided, in a wide sweep… More