Abbas Ali Zulfiqari

Zulfiqari, better known by his name Zoro, is a satirical poet who posts videos of himself reciting his poetry on social media. He was first imprisoned in 1993, then… More

Ruslan Chliebarodau

Author of Stop the Cockroach, a popular anti Lukashenko song, Chliebarodau was arrested on April 23, 2023. He is accused of "insulting public officials," and "disgracing the state power and governing… More

Orkesh Abdurehim

A poet, author, and former high school teacher, Orkesh was arrested in September 2022 on unknown charges and has been in detention ever since. His family has no updates… More

Hai Zhang

Hai is a Journalist and online activist. He was arrested and forcibly disappeared in February 2023 after expressing support for the "white-hair-movement," an elderly group protesting health care reforms.… More

Yuyu Dong

A columnist and essayist, Yuyo was arrested and charged with espionage in April 2023. He wrote for the New York Times Chinese-language website between 2012 and 2014. He was branded as… More

Yunkai Shangguan

Yunkai is a journalist and blogger who wrote on allegations of government corruption and forgery. He was arrested in April 2023 for an article he published, and was charged… More

Xiaolong Ji

Xiaolong is an activist and online commentator. He was detained by the police for posting an open letter on Twitter to the Shanghai government in August 2022, accusing them… More

Yu Wensheng

Yu is an activist known for his critical writings on political issues. He was arrested in 2018 and sentenced to 4 years after writing an open letter to the… More

Haseeb Ahrari

A poet who writes on themes of freedom and patriotism, Ahrari was arrested in his home in Kabul by the Taliban upon his return from a trip to Iran… More

Mehmet Sahin

Sahin, a Kurdish columnist, has faced ongoing persecution since 2016 in job dismissal and lawsuits. In June 2022, Sahin was arrested along with 15 other Kurdish journalists in Diyarbakir… More