Dilshat Oralbai

A Chinese-born Kazakh translator and musician, Oralbai was arrested upon his return to Xinjiang in May 2018 and taken to a concentration camp. In August 2019, his family received… More

Yu Yunfeng

Yu is a pro-democracy activist who was detained multiple times for his anti-CCP content over the years. In November 2022, Yu was detained and charged with "picking quarrels and… More

Prabir Purkayastha

Purkayastha is the founder of NewsClick, an independent news website, and a public intellectual. In October 2023, the NewsClick offices and his home were raided, in a wide sweep… More

Byu Har

Hip-hop artist Byu Har has used his work to criticize the junta, leading to warnings from authorities. He was arrested in May 2023 after live-streaming a video to social… More

Chutima Sidasathina

Sidasathina is a columnist and journalist reporting on corruption and human trafficking in Thailand. She was tried and acquitted in 2015 for her reporting on the latter. In 2021,… More

Shin Daewe

Shin Daewe is a prominent screenwriter and filmmaker whose works comment on poverty and social issues. She was arrested in October 2023 after police confiscated a video drone… More

Asad Ali Toor

Opinion journalist and vlogger Toor has a large following on social media, where he has critically spoken of Pakistan’s chief justice and military. In 2021, he was attacked and… More

Maidul Islam

Sociology professor Islam was arrested in September 2018 for online comments about Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina. He was suspended from his university position. In August 2023, he received… More

Pinaki Bhattacharya

Bhattacharya is a prolific writer and blogger who is a vocal critic of the Bangladeshi government. He went into hiding in 2018 after being summoned by authorities for his… More

Zakaria Osuli

Writer, professor, and outspoken activist for the women's rights movement, Osuli was released by the Taliban after two months of detention in April 2023. Prior to his detention, Osuli… More