Alexandra Kleeman

Alexandra Kleeman is a NYC-­based writer of fiction and nonfiction, and the winner of the 2016 Bard Fiction Prize. Her fiction has been published in The Paris Review, Zoetrope: All­Story, Conjunctions, Guernica,… More

Allison M. Charette

Allison M. Charette translates from the French and founded the Emerging Literary Translators’ Network in America ( She is on the board of the American Literary Translators Association and has published two book-length translations, in… More

Zachary Ludington

Zachary Rockwell Ludington currently teaches Spanish at the University of Virginia, where he completed his PhD in 2014. He has previously taught in Spain and France, as well as… More

Vivian O’Shaughnessy

– University of Texas at Austin -Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts (rue Bonaparte, Paris) – Cell Theater NYC More

Michael Eskin

Michael Eskin is a cofounder of Upper West Side Philosophers, Inc. His numerous books include Poetic Affairs, The DNA of Prejudice, and Yoga for the Mind. His translations have… More

Marni Rice

 Marni Rice is a performer and author of performance works combining music, song and text. Her musical repertoire includes vintage French Chansons, Euro Cabaret Songs and original music. As… More

Tess Lewis

Tess Lewis is a writer and translator from German and French and an Advisory Editor of The Hudson Review. She has been awarded translation grants from PEN USA and PEN UK, an… More

Peter Constantine

Peter Constantine (born 1963, London, United Kingdom) is a British and American award-winning literary translator who has translated literary works from German, Russian, French, Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Italian, Albanian, Dutch, and… More

Donald Nicholson-Smith

Donald Nicholson-Smith was born in Manchester, UK, and is a long-time resident of New York City. He works in editorial freelancing and literary and commercial translations. His main areas of interest: psychoanalysis,… More

Marjolijn de Jager

Marjolijn de Jager translates from the French and Dutch with a particular interest in francophone African literature. Retired from a lifelong teaching career, she now works full time as an independent translator.… More