Refaat Alareer

Alareer, a writer and scholar, was also co-founder of the “We Are Not Numbers” project. In December 2023, Alareer and several family members were killed in an Israeli airstrike… More

Prabir Purkayastha

Purkayastha is the founder of NewsClick, an independent news website, and a public intellectual. In October 2023, the NewsClick offices and his home were raided, in a wide sweep… More

Ahmed Abu Damous

Damous worked in political analysis and translation before founding Facebook and Telegram pages on which he actively published news updates and political commentary. In October 2023, he was arrested… More

Alaa al-Rimawi

In October 2023, Israeli forces raided political analyst, columnist, and J-Media director Al-Rimawi’s home in the West Bank and detained his son, whose arrest they used to pressure Al-Rimawi… More

Imad Abu Awad

As director of the Al-Quds Center for Palestinian and Israeli Studies, Abu Awad shared political analysis and opinion on multiple Facebook accounts, as well as providing commentary to international… More

Viktor Shenderovich

Satirist Shenderovich fled Russia after he was designated as a “foreign agent” in December 2021. He has lived in exile since, but faces continued repression. Reports emerged in 2022… More

Byu Har

Hip-hop artist Byu Har has used his work to criticize the junta, leading to warnings from authorities. He was arrested in May 2023 after live-streaming a video to social… More

Abdukodir Rustam

Rustam, a writer and editor, was arrested in August 2023 for editing Abdukholik Kholikzoda’s memoir Events of My Life. Copies of the book were confiscated by authorities, while Rustam… More

Ahmet Telli

Telli is a poet whose work often focuses on Kurdish rights. He has faced persecution for his writing since the 1980s. In 2020, he was tried on false charges… More

Bariş Pehlivan

Author and journalist Pehlivan was arrested in February 2020 for “disclosing information” on intelligence agencies in his reporting. He was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in prison… More