Abdulselam Kilgi Selamo

A scriptwriter and poet, Kilgi was arrested and detained at Izmir Airport on his way back to Türkiye from Germany. Sources say that the arrest was related to a… More

Khalid Al-Alkami

Al-Alkami is an online commentator and blogger who posted negative tweets about austerity in Saudi Arabia. He was arrested on September 12, 2017, right after a McKinsey report that… More

Pape Alé Niang

In November 2022, Niang was arrested after a video was released on Dakar Matin in which he reported the contents of an internal gendarmerie report. He was released on… More

Óscar-René Vargas

Fleeing into exile in 2018, the well-known sociologist and writer Vargas was arressted immediately upon his return to Nicaragua in November 2022. Detained for nearly three months, Vargas was… More

Reza Keshvari

Keshvari is a poet, artist, and online commentator. He was arrested for participating in protests in October 2022. He suffers from multiple sclerosis which he was diagnosed with in… More

Siarhei Haranin

A linguist and literary critic, Haranin was arrested after a raid on the National Academy of Science (NAS) for the Belarusian Culture, Language, and Literature in October 2022. He… More

Shervin Hajipour

On September 29, 2022, Hajipour was arrested on charges of "propaganda against the regime" and "incitement to violence." His popular song, "Baraye (For)" which had become an anthem of… More

Azamat Nuratdinov

Azamat Nuratdinov is an Uzbek blogger and reporter for El Khyzmetinde who was arrested in July 2022 and charged with inciting riots through distribution of propagandistic material. In January… More

Lolagul Kallykhanova

Kallykhanova is a columnist and owner of a news site Makan. She advocates for Karakalpak autonomy and is critical of the Uzbek central government. She disappeared in June 2022… More

Aliaksandr Novikau

A historian and blogger, Novikau was arrested on June 27, 2022 for publishing articles on his website that aim at revising history. He was convicted and found guilty of… More