Mya Aye

Mya Aye

Mya Aye was surrounded at gunpoint and arrested on February 1, 2021, the first day of the coup. He was charged with “inciting ethnic hatred” using a 2014 email… More

Saw Phoe Khwar

Reggae singer and public figure Saw Phoe Khwar was arrested and detained on February 1, 2021 on the first day of the military coup. He was sentenced to 3… More

Toomaj Salehi

Toomaj Salehi

Rapper Toomaj Salehi, known for the dissident nature of his songs, was arrested in September 2021 and detained for a week. In January 2022, Salehi was given a six-month… More

Maykel Castillo Perez

Maykel Castillo Pérez El Osorbo

Pérez has faced harassment for his activism, including police beatings and repeated arbitrary detentions since 2018. He was arrested in May 2021 for co-writing “Patria y Vida,” a Grammy-winning… More

Ramón Eusebio López Díaz El Invasor

Known for his dissident writing in his songs and online, rapper Ramón Eusebio López Díaz livestreamed his arrest on June 18, 2021, as police broke into his house following… More

Richard Zamora El Radikal

Richard Zamora is a lyricist who frequently express critical ideas about the Cuban government in his music. On July 12, 2021, Zamora was arrested after participating in the 11J… More

Long Puthera Thxera-Kampuchea

After the arrest of fellow rapper Kea Sokun, Long Puthera was detained in September 2020 for his song about income inequality. Found guilty of “incitement,” he was sentenced to… More

Ihar Bancer

Bancer, lyricist and frontman for band Mister X, was detained in October 2020 for his partially nude protest in front of police. He was charged with hooliganism, likely due… More

Anatol Kudlasevich

Kudlasevich penned the song “The Anthem of Resistance” that he performed at rallies and protests of Lukashenka's election. He was illegally detained despite ‘disability group 2’ immunity, sentenced to… More

Pablo Rivadulla

Pablo Rivadulla Pablo Hásel

After briefly evading authorities, Spanish rapper Rivadulla was arrested in February 2021 for insulting members of the royal family and “promoting terrorism” in his music and tweets. In March… More