Seynam is a teacher who used his knowledge and writings to educate Tibetans on social and environmental issues. He was arrested in Kardze Serthar County in April 2021. He… More

Ablet Abdureshid Berqi Tarim

Berqi is a scholar of modern Uyghur literature and professor at Xinjiang Education Institute. He has written for the culture magazine Xinjiang Civilization and published his own poetry. He… More

Hui Po-keung

Hui is a professor, social commentator, and cultural studies scholar whose numerous academic publications focus on the history of capitalism, education, and the economy. On May 11, 2022, he… More

Andrey Yanushkevich

Author and publisher Yanushkevich was detained on May 16, 2022 after police raided his home, looking for “extremist materials.” Two hundred copies of George Orwell’s 1984 were confiscated, and… More

Enver Aysever

Enver Aysever

A sociologist and former columnist for the independent newspaper Cumhuriyet, Aysever was arrested in March 2021 for "provoking the public to hatred and hostility” by tweeting a political cartoon… More

Yavuz Ekinci

Yavuz Ekinci

Yavuz Ekinci is a literary writer whose work focuses on the Kurdish minority in Türkiye. His pro-Kurdish tweets led to his indictment for “making terrorist propaganda.” His trial began… More

Mustafa Sönmez

Economist and columnist Mustafa Sönmez was arrested in April 2019 and charged with "insulting the president" regarding tweets he posted calling President Erdoğan “the chief of a thief gang”… More

Cengiz Çandar

Cengiz Çandar

The author of seven books and a columnist, Çandar is on trial for the crime of “praising crime and criminals” due to a 2017 tweet in which he celebrated… More

Ali Bulaç

A former columnist for the shuttered Zaman newspaper, Bulaç was one of many journalists rounded up after the failed 2016 coup in Türkiye. He spent over a year in… More

Saud Al-Sarhan

A researcher and columnist whose published works include political commentary on Saudi political, economic, and social issues, Al-Sarhan went missing in October 2021 after writing an article that acknowledged… More