Azad Zal Mehmet Güngõmüs

A writer, former journalist, translator, and Kurdish-language teacher, Zal was released from prison in 2004 after spending 12 years in prison. He was arrested again on June 30, 2020… More

Danson Kahyana

A writer, poet, and academic, Dr Kanhaya's online writing was sometimes critical of the authorities. In April 2022, he was violently attacked by unkown assailants on his way home… More

Thanapol Eawsakul

Thanapol Eawsakul is a co-founder and editor-in-chief of Same Sky Books, a political magazine and publisher of books on Thai politics and history. Police have harassed Thanapol and Same… More

Lokman Slim

Slim was a renowned writer, columnist, and documentary filmmaker. He was the co-owner of the publishing house Dar al-Jadeed. In the days leading up to his assassination, Slim published… More

Mazen Latif

Latif is a literary writer and owner of publishing house Mesopotamia. He is alos an activist who was heavily involved in the Baghdad protest movement. He was kidnapped from… More

Andrey Yanushkevich

Author and publisher Yanushkevich was detained on May 16, 2022 after police raided his home, looking for “extremist materials.” Two hundred copies of George Orwell’s 1984 were confiscated, and… More

Deniz Yücel

Deniz Yücel

Columnist Yücel was subjected to pre-trial detention--including solitary confinement and torture--and then indicted in 2018 with producing “terrorism propaganda,” and “inciting the public to hatred and enmity.” Now in… More

Chen Yu Zhang Xiaomai

Chen owns an online book retailer that sells foreign-published Christian books to readers living in China. In September 2019, he was detained in Linhai city on suspicion of “illegal… More

Khaled Lofty

Lofty was arrested and imprisoned on charges of false news and divulging military secrets for translating and distributing The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel, a book by… More

Geng Xiaonan

Publisher and political activist Geng, and her husband Qin Zhen, were detained in September 2020 on charges of “running an illegal business” operation following Geng’s public support of writer-scholar… More