Dilshat Oralbai

A Chinese-born Kazakh translator and musician, Oralbai was arrested upon his return to Xinjiang in May 2018 and taken to a concentration camp. In August 2019, his family received… More

Mohammed Sabaaneh

Sabaaneh, a Palestinian cartoonist, has been repeatedly harassed by both Palestinian (PA) and Israeli authorities. He has been detained multiple times by Israeli border forces at Allenby Bridge without… More

Mustafa Sheta

Sheta, known for his activism, is a columnist and producer at The Freedom Theatre. In early December 2023, the Israeli Army forces broke into and destroyed The Freedom Theatre… More

Sepideh Rashnu

Rashnu was arrested in June 2022 for defying hijab laws and released in August. In June 2023, she was charged with offenses relating to “propaganda” and “encouraging promiscuity” before… More

Shin Daewe

Shin Daewe is a prominent screenwriter and filmmaker whose works comment on poverty and social issues. She was arrested in October 2023 after police confiscated a video drone… More

Sasha Skochilenko

Skochilenko, an artist and writer from St Petersburg, was was arrested in March 2022 after she replaced five shelf tags in a grocery store with anti-war stickers. She was… More

Sattar Rezaei Mirqaid

Mirqaid is a poet and artist. He was arrested in December 2021 for his involvement in protests and was released on bail after 5 days in detention. In September… More

Carolina Barrero

Barrero is an exiled writer and art historian. She was arrested in April 2021 after being accused of “clandestine printing” after participating in anti-government protests. The charges were dropped… More

Isa Choulandim

Choulandim, an artist, writer, and activist, is known for his outspoken opposition to child marriage, which he advocates against through his art. He was arrested in a home raid… More

Navid Mihandoost

Mihandoost is a filmmaker and screenwriter. In December 2019, he was summoned to the authorities for a 2009 documentary on an Iranian dissident. He was detained until February. In… More