Shahd Abusalama

A long time Palestinian activist, columnist and blogger, Abusalama is well-known for her anti-Zionist stance and her criticism of Israel. She has faced multiple instances of harassment since 2018,… More

Andrei Filipchyk

Filipchyk is an online activist who runs a Telegram channel where he posts jokes and memes in Belarusian. On January 31, 2023 he was arrested and a criminal case… More

Baolong Hu

A human rights lawyer and online activist, Baolong was detained in September 2020 for allegedly "leaking secrets" to foreign countries and for his online commentary. He was formally charged… More

Yutong Su

A blogger and former journalist, Yutong is also a pro-democracy online activist who has faced multiple instances of harassment in China dating back to 2010. After she had circulated… More

Xiaolong Ji

Xiaolong is an activist and online commentator. He was detained by the police for posting an open letter on Twitter to the Shanghai government in August 2022, accusing them… More

Yu Wensheng

Yu is an activist known for his critical writings on political issues. He was arrested in 2018 and sentenced to 4 years after writing an open letter to the… More

Dariush Memar Darush

A well-known poet and literary critic, Memar is facing charges of "prooaganda against the regime" for his critical writing against the regime. He currently lives in exile in Germany… More

Majid Tavakoli

A columnist and online commentator, Tavakoli writes extensively on politics via his Twitter account. He was arrested at his home on September 23, 2022 for his online commentary in… More

Peyman Farhangian

Farhangian is a literary writer, poet and labor activist. He was first arrested in June 2020. He was initially sentenced to 38 years in prison on charges related to… More

Khalid Qadiry

An activist, journalist, and poet from Herat, Qadiry was arrested by the Taliban on March 17, 2022. He was sentenced a couple months later to 1 year in prison.… More