Hopewell Chin’ono

Chin’ono was detained in July 2020 for almost six weeks after he published his investigations into state corruption. He has since been repeatedly detained on additional spurious charges, including… More

Tsitsi Danngarembga

Tsitsi Dangarembga

Noted author Dangarembga was arrested for taking part in anti-corruption protests in July 2020 and was released on bail the next day. She appeared at least 25 times in… More

Kudakwashe Bwititi

Bwititi was arrested alongside co-filmwriter Tendai Maduwa after a screening of their film The Lord of Kush. The film tells the story of a clash of cultures between Islamic… More

Mbizo Chirasha

Writer and human rights activist Chirasha has faced multiple attacks, including kidnapping attempts and electrocution, and threats on his life for his work exposing corruption within the Zimbabwean government.… More

Tendai Maduwa

Director and producer Maduwa was arrested alongside co-filmwriter Kudakwashe Bwititi after a screening of their fim The Lord of Kush. The film tells the story of a clash of… More

Samantha Kureya Gonyeti

Armed, masked men who identified themselves as police officers kidnapped comedian and satirist Kureya (known as Gonyeti) on August 21, 2019. They abused her in an unknown location, and… More