Even in Times of War, Art Must Not be Canceled

Amid rising antisemitism and anti-Muslim bigotry around the world, artists are facing intensified scrutiny for expressing their opinions, including on social media. In response, galleries and art institutions in… More

Shahd Abusalama

A long time Palestinian activist and columnist and blogger, Abusalama is well-known for her anti-Zionist stance and her criticism of Israel. She has faced multiple instances of harassment since… More

Craig Murray

Craig Murray

An author, blogger, and former diplomat, Murray was charged in April 2020 for blog posts that could have revealed the identities of sexual assault victims in a case involving… More

Julian Assange

Assange, publisher of WikiLeaks, was imprisoned in the U.K. in 2019 for violating bail terms. He faces imminent extradition to the U.S. where he has been indicted on multiple… More