Writer Detained; Fears for Safety

Najati Tayara, a writer and editor who was covering the protests currently taking place across Syria, is being held incommunicado as of May 12, 2011. More

Blogger and Poet Sentenced

Blogger, poet, and high school student Tal Al-Mallouhi was handed down a five-year sentence on February 14, 2011, on the charge of "divulging information to a foreign state." More

Continued Detention of Journalist ‘Ali Al-‘Abdullah

Journalist ‘Ali al-‘Abdullah, whose two-and-a-half-year sentence for his dissident writings and peaceful opposition activities expired in June 2010, now faces new charges of "disseminating false information" for an article… More

Lawyer and Writer Attacked; Fears for Safety

Lawyer and writer Muhannad al-Hassani, who is serving a three-year prison sentence in Adra prison, Damascus, for his human rights work and writings, was attacked and severely beaten on… More

Blogger Charged; Fears for Safety

International PEN is seriously concerned about the detention of Tal Al-Mallouhi, a 19-year-old blogger, poet, and high school student, who is reportedly facing charges of espionage. She has been… More

Novelist Arrested; Fears of Ill-Treatment

International PEN is seriously concerned by the arrest of writer Raghdah Sa’id Hassan on February 10, 2010, after writing her first novel. Since then, she has been held incommunicado… More

Writer and Academic Aref Dalila Released

International PEN welcomes the release of Dr. Aref Dalila, leading economist, writer, and dissident, who was freed on August 7, 2008, after seven years in prison. More