Maxim Pokrovsky

The lead singer of Russian rock group Nogu Svelo, Pokrovsky has been known for releasing critical songs condemning the war on Ukraine. One song has led to a police… More

Dinara Gagarina

Gagarina is a former Associate Professor of the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines of the Faculty of Social, Economic and Computer Sciences in the Perm branch of the Higher School… More

Dmitry Glukhovsky

In June 2022, Glukhovsky was arrested in absentia for anti-war social media posts he made in May. Living in exile in Europe, in October 2022 he was placed on… More

Artem Kamardin

Kamardin is a poet belonging to the Kabardian ethnic minority in Russia. He was beaten and violently raped by Russian authorities on September 26, 2022 for his poetry readings… More

Boris Bulgakov

In September 2022, a group of poets took part in the regular Mayakovsky Readings in Moscow. Bulgakov was arrested in front of his home in the evening by plainclothes… More

Egor Shtovba

On September 25, 2022, Shtovba is arrested along with Nikolay Deyneko at the Mayakovsky Readings in Moscow. The next day, Artem Kamardin was arrested in relation to the case.… More

Idrak Mirzalizade

A Belarussian stand-up comedian, Mirzalizade was attacked by two men in June 2021, and in August, he was sentenced to ten days in prison for the same joke, alleged… More

Miron Fyodorov Oxxxymiron

A rapper and songwriter, Fyodorov wrote a song that was found to be "extremist" by a Moscow Court. He was fined 45k rubles on December 12, 2022 for discrediting… More