Bilal Al-Saadi

The founder and chairperson of the Freedom Theater in Jenin, Al-Saadi was arrested at a military checkpoint by the Israeli Defense Forces on September 11, 2022. Later in the… More

Lama Ghosheh

A journalist and online commentator, Ghosheh also worked as a researcher at the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit. She was arrested at her home in August 2022 after sharing social… More

Mohammed El-Kurd

El-Kurd is an award-winning poet, journalist, and social media activist from East Jerusalem. Currently the Palestine correspondent for The Nation, El-Kurd’s debut poetry collection Rifqa focuses on the Palestinian… More

Nizar Al-Banat

Al-Banat was a literary writer and a prominent human rights activist who was critical of the Palestinian Authority (PA) on social media. His home was attacked by PA forces… More

Alaa Al-Mashrawi

Director of Al-Mashreq News, Alaa Al-Mashrawi is a vocal critic who writes opinion pieces and columns in solidarity with Palestinians. In 2020, he wrote an article calling for the… More

Ismael El-Bozom

Officers in the Hamas-controlled General Investigation Unit arrested El-Bozom on March 20, 2020 over cartoons he had posted on Facebook calling for the release of writer Abdullah Abu Sharkh.… More

Atef Abu Saif

Atef Abu Saif

Palestinian author, columnist, and political figure Atef Abu Saif has reportedly been routinely detained by Hamas forces in Gaza. On March 18, 2019, he was beaten by unidentified assailants.… More

Abdullah Abu Sharkh

Writer Abdullah Mohammed Abu Sharkh was detained by Hamas forces on March 13, 2020 and interrogated about social media posts in which he had criticized the Hamas authorities. Charged… More

Abbad Yahya

Abbad Yahya

Yahya’s novel ‘Crime in Ramallah,’ which contains themes of politics, homosexuality, and religion, was ordered confiscated and banned in 2017. After an investigation was launched Yahya received death threats… More