Nizar Al-Banat

Al-Banat was a literary writer and a prominent human rights activist who was critical of the Palestinian Authority (PA) on social media. His home was attacked by PA forces… More

Bilal Al-Saadi

The founder and chairperson of the Freedom Theater in Jenin, Al-Saadi was arrested at a military checkpoint by the Israeli Defense Forces on September 11, 2022. Later in the… More

Lama Ghosheh

A journalist and online commentator, Ghosheh also worked as a researcher at the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit. She was arrested at her home in August 2022 after sharing social… More

Mohammed El-Kurd

El-Kurd is an award-winning poet, journalist, and social media activist from East Jerusalem. Currently the Palestine correspondent for The Nation, El-Kurd’s debut poetry collection Rifqa focuses on the Palestinian… More

Alaa Al-Mashrawi

Director of Al-Mashreq News, Alaa Al-Mashrawi is a vocal critic who writes opinion pieces and columns in solidarity with Palestinians. In 2020, he wrote an article calling for the… More