Hiba Abu Taha

Abu Taha is a Jordanian-Palestinian freelance investigative journalist and online commentator. In June 2023, the Amman Criminal Court issued her with a three-month prison sentence for defaming an official… More

Adnan Al-Rousan

Al-Rousan, a columnist, was arrested on August 14, 2022 for criticizing the King of Jordan via Facebook. He was charged with inciting conflict and sowing division among the elements… More

Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi Al-Zubi

A columnist, playwright, and political satirist, Al-Zoubi is facing continued harassment for his work. In March 2022, his vehicle was intercepted on his way to the airport, and he… More

Emad Hajjaj

Hajjaj, a Jordanian-Palestinian cartoonist, was arrested by Jordanian authorities over a cartoon mocking the Israel–United Arab Emirates deal on August 26, 2020. On August 30, he was released on… More